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Green and Purple Succulents

EMDR Consultation for:

  • Consultations toward EMDRIA certification

  • Consultation for complex cases

  • Therapists looking to enhance their EMDR knowledge, skills & foundation



Services I Offer:

Individual EMDR Consultation

Individual Consultation $80 per 50 min consult

Group EMDR Consultation

Group Consultation $50m per group Consult

Message me on the Teletherapist Network

for a Teletherapsit Network Member discount

on both Group and Individual Consultation

Group Consult Schedule

2nd and 4th Fridays 2-4 pm PST

Green and Purple Succulents


Monica McNeeley is a Consultant in Training - CIT and can provide up to 15 of the 20 hours needed towards becoming an EMDR Certified Therapist. All consultations are provided online. 

Expectations for Consultee

1.You are expected to come prepared to present case material, complete with notes on that case.

2. Do not include any information that will identify the case you are presenting on materials you share with me. 3. You are expected to practice within the ethical guidelines of both your license and professional associations. EMDRIA states that if there is no professional association, then the APA’s code of ethics will be the standard for all EMDRIA members. It is your responsibility to stay current on both the laws and ethics applicable to them.

4. You will videotape sessions of your work with clients is required for certification. Videos are recommended by Francine Shapiro. While the concept of sharing videos of your work may bring up some apprehension, they are nevertheless a powerful teaching tool and can be extremely helpful to your development. If you are unable to provide videos, audiotapes, written transcripts, or live demonstrations are acceptable.

5. You will read the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures, 3rd Edition by Francine Shapiro. There are many other excellent texts on EMDR that may be recommended as well.

6. You will learn the 8 phases, purpose of each phase and the intervention of each phase very early on in the consultation process as knowledge of this significantly enhances the mastery of EMDR. This will be one of the first pieces of knowledge you will be expected to master. Memorizing the flow and suggested verbiage of important portions of the protocol will be helpful as well.


For EMDRIA Certification 

1.Examples of your clinical work are essential to the consultation process. You will need to come prepared with video or audio recordings of your client sessions or near-verbatim transcripts. You will need to obtain the necessary releases from clients. The video/audio/verbatim transcripts must include your words and interventions.

2. You will need to demonstrate proficiency and fidelity to the standard EMDR therapy and also an awareness of situations in which modifications to standard EMDR therapy are necessary in order to safely and effectively treat the client. This may include reading and training outside of consultation.

Requirements to become an EMDR Certified Therapist with EMDRIA:

1. EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training

2. Must be licensed as a mental health professional.

3. Notarized Statement of Practice and EMDR Experience

  • Two years of experience in your field of license

  • Have you conducted at least 50 EMDR sessions with at least 25 clients

4. 20 Hours of Consultation by an EMDR Consultant in EMDR​​

  • At least 10 of the hours must be obtained through individual, EMDR-focused consultation. The remaining 10 hours may be obtained through small group consultation.

  • EMDR Consultants-in-Training can provide up to 15 hours of consultation. The remaining five hours must be provided by an EMDR Consultant.

5. EMDR Consultant Letter(s) of Recommendation for EMDR Certification

  • Letters from EMDR Consultants-in-Training do not meet this requirement. Letters must be from an EMDR Consultant.

6. Letters of Recommendation Regarding Professional Practice

Provide two letters of recommendation regarding your professional utilization of EMDR, ethics in practice, and professional character.

  • These letters may be from colleagues or peers.

  • Letters from your EMDR Consultant or EMDR Consultant-in-Training do not count as peer letters.

  • Two letters of recommendation from colleagues or peers are required.

7. 12 Hours of EMDRIA Approved Credits​

8. EMDR International Association Policies Agreement

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