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Online Therapy

On a Video Call

Online Therapy, TeleMental Health, TeleTherapy, Telehealth Video Therapy, or Online Psychotherapy are common terms for therapy online. Online therapy is becoming more popular and is shown to be as effective as in-person therapy for many.

There are many benefits to online therapy:

  • Access to specialized services that may not be available in your area

  • For therapist: being out of your personal or professional network

  • No travel time to your appointment

  • Increased privacy for those concerned about shared waiting rooms

  • Comfort for those who use technology often

  • Ease of connecting by computer or device from home or your own private area

Some might think online therapy is a little strange or worry about being able to connect with your therapist on a computer; however, worrying about the connection with your therapist is a very normal concern about therapy in general. I am here to help you feel comfortable and address any concerns about the therapy process.

Tips for Online Therapy 


Find or create a private comfortable place for your session

Avoid places with distractions or try to minimize distractions (put a sign-up, lock the door, put animals out of the room)

Use headphones, this helps you stay focused and increases privacy

Plan to be 5-10 min early to your therapy spot, sometimes connecting and getting set up can take a few minutes and you do not want to feel rushed or be late (there is no 'I was stuck in traffic' excuse) 

Don't bring food (a beverage is fine)

Let me know if you feel uncomfortable or disconnected in a session, this is your time and I am here to help

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